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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 10, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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home. we did not show you the respect you served your country admirably. >> rather rahm emanuel helps lay the wreath in front of chicago's vietnam veterans memorial while announcing a new city program aimed at helping today's returning veterans. with a chance to attend a city college, with credit for their service, and a special $1,000 scholarship. >> when you think about how our veterans now are coming home and. issues in which, whether it's health care, employment, housing, it was because of the mistakes we made in the past that we learned our lessons and we will never repeat those mistakes. >> i was a 12, 13 years old in the early 1970's and i saw that the way the veterans were treated, and i see how veterans are properly treated now and i felt it was important to come over here and just pay our respects as well and be able to stand and pay tribute to the men and women who gave so much back then for our country. >> i think it's important that we commemorate the 50th 50th anniversary like we did for world war ii, like we did
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for -- we did something for world war i and vietnam veterans, we had a rough time, but we overcame a lot. >> also at the ceremony u.s. marine tommy johnson the son of fallen chicago fire captain herb johnson who was laid to rest thursday after being killed fighting a fire last week. some here pointing out that a life of service is passed down through the generations. >> it's really a special day. veterans day is unique. and it's something where everybody in this country ought to take some time to think about those who served. >> sean lewis, wgn news. >> and there are more questions than answers tonight about the resignation of general david petraeus as head of the c.i.a. citing an extramarital affair for reason for quitting, petraeus handed in his resignation to president obama on thursday. petraeus' affair reportedly with his biographer came to light
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after possible hacking of the general's personal email account. that investigation reportedly started after broadwell sent threatening emails to another woman. former c.i.a. director general michael hayden says the resignation is sad but the c.i.a. is in good hands. >> it's a tragedy it's a tragedy for the nation, it's a tragedy for the agency, and clearly a tragedy for the petraeus' family. now, they'll move on and wish them all the best but this is very sad. the agency is healthy. >> and hayden was in charge of the c.i.a. from 2006 to 2009. >> reverend jesse jackson did not comment today on reports that his son congressman jesse jackson jr. may be negotiating a plea agreement with federal authorities. the senior jackson spoke at the rainbow push coalition today. that plea agreement for his son reportedly covers questionable campaign spending on home improvements. jackson jr. was reelected
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despite sitting out the campaign to get treatment for bipolar disorder. he has not been charged. >> a 21-year-old man from crown point, indiana, was killed after a drunk driver crashed in to his truck on the dan ryan expressway. it happened near 95th street at around 1:30 a.m. this morning. police say that phillip briner of crown point was headed south when another driver also driving a truck, crossed several lanes and crashed into briner. a witness saw both vehicles bounce off the side of barriers on the expressway before coming to a stop. briner died at advocate christ medical center about 30 minutes after the accident. police say that the other driver admitted to drinking before the crash. >> they didn't last long, but strong winds moved through the chicago area and around noon today dropping hail and damaging a tall apartment building on the north side. it's believed lightning struck the top of the building at lincoln avenue and school
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street causing some of the facade of that building to break off and nall to the street and sidewalk below. for a while chicago police shut down traffic all around the building. several thunderstorm warnings were in effect, if only briefly. in southwest cook counties and parts of due page and will county. >> >> we'll have more rain tomorrow, right, jim? >> that's right, jackie. in fact, we may even get a little rain and snow mix before the next system pulls out of the area. i'll have details and the full forecast still ahead. >> ok jim. also ahead tonight a local effort is underway to bring aid to people on the east coast still dealing with the aftermath of two powerful storms. >> and better late than never. florida weighs in on the presidential election.
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up when you do. >> four days after the election, the results are finally in from the state of florida. president obama won the sunshine state, giving him a total of 332 electoral votes. his challenger, mitt romney finished with 206. officials in florida spent the last few days counting ballots in three counties. the final numbers would not have affected the outcome of a national race, but there were concerns that florida would experience some problems similar to those that they had in the 2000 bush-gore election. the long road to recovery for victims of hurricane sandy, more help from chicagoland is on its way to the northeast. >> so many people wanted to help but it's not always clear how. well, there are some area rotary clubs who are taking care of that. wgn's randy reports.
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>> a truck load of food clothing toiletries is now on its way to victims of hurricane sandy. rotary clubs from southeastern illinois collected this to be delivered to their fellow chapters in new jersey. >> it's amazing. it's on the one hand expected but a little overwhelming. >> john will to rent a bigger truck to pack all this in. he's in charged of the driving and plans to be there by midday tomorrow. >> our first job is in new jersey, a central location there and then the next drop location is in queens, new york. >> the local rotary district spans the north-northwest, and western suburbs of chicago with 70 clubs and 2500 members. >> rotary is worldwide service organization that tries to help those that need help. and its motto is service above self and so therefore, you know we like to find a need and try and help out. >> it didn't take long to get this effort moving. >> nowadays, with tv and social
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media, we're all aware when some disaster happens, whether it's in new jersey, whether it's in afghanistan, we know about it right away and that turns people on. the only thing the people don't have is a vehicle or getting into the act. >> it's easy it's organized and members hope it's helpful to those in desperate need. >> i myself could not -- wouldn't have any contact to ship stuff to new jersey, but by being in hand organization like rotary it's an organizational way of participating. >> wgn news. >> demonstrator marched in suburban north chicago today remembering a man who died a week after a physical struggle with police in november of last year. the demonstrators were demanding justice, what they say, for the death of 45-year-old darren hannah. authorities said that earlier this year seven police officers "acted responsibly and appropriately" to subdue hannah,
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who they say was combative when they went to his home after reports that he was beating a pregnant woman. a lay county coroner's report ruled that hannah died of several factors which included high-low on going health problems, as well as taser shocks from police. his family filed a wrongful death suit against the city of north chicago and some of the police officers. >> more rain on tap tomorrow and then a big change in the temperatures. >> that's right. jim ramsey is coming up next and he says that we'll see a big drop on the thermometer. once that work week comes around.
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>> it was so nice, not to shiver, but it's coming. >> well, it is coming, but we've got quite a day of transition tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms coming in. the cold air will mix in with some of that moisture and it may end as light snow or flurries. >> what? >> yeah. well, it's that time of the year i guess. not a sure thing and i don't think everybody would see these, and it probably will not accumulate, so not to worry about it, bob. let's take a look at time lapsed pictures today. we did have a lot of clouds up there. those clouds producing storms around the noon hour. we had a number of hail reports primarily from cane and kendall,
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dupage down in will county even iroquois county lasalle county picking up storms, but they raced through the area quickly and we even saw patches of blue sky once those things pushed out of the area. high temperature today up to 66 degrees. that's 15 degrees above the normal, but there's the cold air and it really is cold back through parts of montana and into southwestern canada. we're not going to get quite that cold. in fact, tonight, it's very mild out there. it's 63 degrees, but this is the warm air ahead of the next system that's going to usher in that cold once it pushes through. but if you're walking outside this evening, be prepared for a shock. we've got some winds coming out of the south at wind speeds of anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. in fact, o'hare at this hour reports a 24-mile-per-hour wind, and a gust to 35 miles per hour. look at the wind forecast. wind gusts here. this is tomorrow and we're
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expecting these winds to continue strong. that purplish area by the way suggests gusts of up to 40 miles per hour at times. now look at this. right now, 10-mile visibility. humidity well tolerable. winds again out of the south at 24 miles per hour. now on the radar, notice what's out to our west. that's a line of showers and thunderstorms that's been pushing through the dakotas and nebraska today and that's going to be heading into chicago probably around say, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. now notice the snow coming down through the dakotas. some parts of north dakota could pick up between 8 and 12 inches of snow. in fact isolated amounts of 20 inches are possible in north dakota. these are severe weather reports. hail reports of course, as mentioned around the chicago area. some 40 hail and wind reports down through parts of the southern plains. in association with those showers and thunderstorms. our computer models bringing it in midafternoon in chicago. could be some strong
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thunderstorms with this, but they're not expected to reach severe levels. we'll watch them closely. now forecast. first of all for tonight in the area, we're looking at partly cloudy skies. it is possible we could see a passing sprinkle this evening. low temperature, 52 to 56. so very mild night with strong winds continuing. then for tomorrow, sunday, looks like a messy day. clouds increasing, storms arriving in the middle of the afternoon. strong gusty winds continuing, but temperatures once again should make it up into the 60's. in fact 63, 64 degrees, not out of the realm of possibility in some of the south suburbs, might hit 67, 68. in fact, midway today hit 68. sunday night cloudy skies and early storms. some snow possible very late. low temperature in the 30's. oh get a grip, bob here it comes. monday mostly cloudy skies, a few morning flurries. it may be a few flurries in the afternoon with a high in the upper 30's and low 40's.
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seven day forecast, the forecast models may be rushing this a bit, bringing the warm air in this quickly on wednesday. in fact, 54 degrees, 55 degrees, seems a little on the high side but notice it keeps going up. and all the way up to 60 by this time next week. that looks very possible. >> oh, very good. >> this is going to be a short period, short burst of cold air, but maybe a few hours of rain and again some rain-snow mix. >> thank you jim. >> i just wasn't ready for snow before thanksgiving. i thought that we could at least hold off till then. >> now, bob. >> all right. >> if we have to have it, we have to have it. >> all right. >> taking the dog for a walk took a whole new twist in chicago this morning. take a look as these volunteers gathered to learn how to operate a giant balloon doll. that's odey the cartoon character from the garfield cartoon strip. the volunteers learned how to
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handle the balloon's 18 ropes as they balance and rotate the balloons. it all looks so easy in a parade. who knew they had to go to parade school to learn how to do it that. it gets windy, they have to go under the l. >> highlights from tonight's bulls game. >> northwestern with another thriller, this time against michigan in the big house. >> and notre dame's chances at a national title get a big boost. rich king will tell us why coming [ male announcer ] most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with. they think all brushes are the same. they're not. that's why i tell my patients about the pro-health clinical brush from oral-b. unlike an ordinary toothbrush, it has pro-flex sides that individually adjust to teeth and gums. it truly provides a better clean. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. the pro-health clinical brush from oral-b. two flexing sides, one superior clean. with oral-b, life opens up when you do.
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>> rich king is joining us now. man those pools almost gave that game away. >> it was close, but they hung out and won it. the bulls had been struggling from three-point range in the first five games 28% before they faced minnesota tonight but the long range touch was back in form helped the bulls pull away for the victory. hinrich left the game in the second quarter, a hip injury, did not return. rip hamilton finds joakim noah and he gets the jam. jo had 17. then the three-pointers began to fall as hamilton, he drains it, gives the bulls a 4-point lead right there. hamilton had 12. but the best was yet to come from marco belinelli. he had a pair of three's in the fourth quarter. the bulls win it 87-80. they were 6 from 13 from behind the arc that's 26%.
9:56 pm
the bulls, 4-2. >> our bench was ready, i thought they came in, they gave us a big lift and every night, there will be someone different. you know, we have to do it collectively, we've got to make the ball move, we have to make bodies move, then we've got to get stops and we have to rebound. >> meantime college hoops, mike barea of notre dame got a stiff test. jack cooley led the way for the irish. cooley had 19. the irish would break the press on this play as scott martin makes his only basket of the game, a big one. he was 1 for 6 an easy one there. notre dame wins it by a score of 58-49. >> intercepted. at the goal line. three turnovers in the football game for alabama. the dream of defending probably has died for alabama. >> ok. top ranked alabama suffering a
9:57 pm
pickoff at the goal line. texas a&m holds on for the big 29-24 upset. so notre dame likely will move up to number three in the polls if they can take care of boston college. the irish lead 21-6 in the third quarter. northwestern lost cane colter in the fourth quarter against michigan. simmon finds tony jones deep in the end zone here. 15 yards. northwestern led 31-28. michigan then in desperation just 18 seconds left, an mazing play. gardener in there for robinson, and roy roundtree gets this ball. what a catch. field goal tied the game at 31 in overtime. michigan scores on the@u@) playaction in the o.t. right here, the fake and then he goes around the right side gardener does for the touchdown. fourth and 2 and here's what happens. they get stuffed on the run, and that was all she wrote. michigan wins it 38-31.
9:58 pm
wildcats now 3-3 in the big 10. tim beckman passing out football and handshakes. he would be shaking his head before it's all over. minnesota gets a 3-yard run from kirkwood. then less than 3 minutes left, the illini had third and inches. they lose the football. minnesota recovers and that was the ballgame. the gophers punched in an insurance t.d. gophers win 17-3. beckman and illini 2-8 overall. with heavy rain in the forecast, the running game could tell the stories as the bears meet the texans tomorrow night at soldier field. houston is also the top matched running back in foster, he ranks fifth in the nfl in rushing. >> patient he understands their running game their running style. it fits him well. when you look at a lot of the old denver broncos whether they were running the ball like
9:59 pm
crazy, it's a lot like that. a lot like that. >> and sources in los angeles say the lakers coaching job is phil jackson's if he wants to take it and finally, proof again that the cameras catch everything on the sidelines. just ask jay cutler. tommy tubberville appears to slap one of the assistants in the head in a fit of anger. tubberville gets carried away hit set flies off. not a good example of anger control for the young men. he will not enjoy reviewing this video when they do it on monday morning. >> jackie bange does that when she gets angry all the time. shut up. don't you say that. >> to both of us. >> all right rich. that's going to do it for us until tomorrow night. >> that was a toughie. >> i'm robert jordan. >> i'm not talking to you. have a good night everybody. >> shears going to punch on us after we sign off. sorry, jackie.


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